There is a belief that adolescent people are fully affianced in the agenda world. But I am currently arch a action exploring people’s ability and use of online data, and the basic allegation from our analysis have found that data articulacy is not analogously high among adolescent people, as is often assumed. Instead, some young people have very low levels of data literacy.

We are anxious that boundless perceptions of “digital natives” lead people to accept that agenda media use is connected across assertive ages or ancestors and that all associates of this bearing have agnate adventures of technology. This could not be added from the truth.

Building on our antecedent research, we have disconnected agenda technology users of all ages into five groups. These are all-encompassing political, extensive, general, limited, and social and media users. Both types of all-encompassing users have a high anticipation of agreeable with the online world, with one being likely to carry out political action online. Accepted users have a abstinent level of online engagement, but don’t tend to use social media. Bound users have a low anticipation of agreeable with any agenda systems.