Yesterday, JSTOR, the famous agenda bookish library, tweeted that 6,000 of its eBooks and over 150 journals are open for anyone to read.

The alignment noted it’s bringing out 26 public health annual archives, which you can read until June 30. For folks who ahead haven’t had access to JSTOR’s library, you can now rifle through all its open access agreeable after having to create an account.

An internet frenzy followed, as many people remembered Aaron Swartz — the Reddit co-founder, who was answerable with assorted cases for downloading agreeable from JSTOR‘s library to make the content openly available.

In 2012, the Federal court answerable him on assorted accounts including wire fraud; he got a 35-year book in jail and a $1 actor fine.In January 2013, Swartz was found dead in his apartment, having hanged himself after after axis down a plea deal.

While a lot of people were adulatory JSTOR’s new step, the annual said that this part of JSTOR’s library has been open for a while.

While making a part of its library open is a good initiative, JSTOR should’ve been clear about it being open for a while — abnormally when it has been complex in such a huge controversy.

You can access JSTOR’s open library here.

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