Nearly half of the world’s citizenry is now locked down in their homes to avoid overextension the coronavirus. With a vaccine likely still many months away, many countries are attractive for ways they can get their people and economies moving again after risking added deaths. New analysis suggests that using an app to track people’s movements and analyze and abstract anyone who has come into acquaintance with an adulterated person could be analytical in alienated or abrogation lockdown.

This kind of contact-tracing technology has already been used with some success in countries such as China and South Korea. But there are questions over whether western countries would accept such levels of surveillance. However, as addition who has spent years researching the use of technology in healthcare, I feel there are good affidavit to accept people would be accommodating and motivated to use a location-tracking app to help end the pandemic.

The new research, conducted by the University of Oxford and appear in arch account Science, shows the virus is overextension too bound for the communicable to be independent by simply isolating those we know are adulterated or by manually archetype all their contacts. Working out all the places a accommodating has been and award anybody they have been in acquaintance with to test or abstract them can take days or weeks – much slower than it takes the virus to spread.

By clay the spread of the virus in acknowledgment to altered archetype strategies, the advisers showed that only agenda contact-tracking could get ascendancy over the pandemic. This would absorb using a smartphone app to track people’s movements and automatically advice them if they have come in acquaintance with addition known to have caught the virus. It would then animate them to anon self-isolate and anticipate added contamination.

The location-tracking aspect of the app could be added by enabling users to check in to locations such as shops, public carriage stations or workplaces. To animate more people to use the app, it could also accommodate access to health services, advice and even food or anesthetic deliveries during self-isolation. The advisers also said that the app should be accumulated with other measures such as social break and common hand washing.