In the series “Staying inside with…,” we pick the brains of experts and absorbing people in tech to find out their admired books, courses, movies, and podcasts they’ve been adequate during lockdown. Steve Huffman, CEO at Reddit, is the latest to share what’s been befitting him busy whilst blockage at home.

It was about two months ago when the world went into lockdown and since then, much of our free time has been spent afraid the urge to aimlessly scroll through social media. If you’ve had enough of Instagram’s analyze page and you’re in need of some alluring subreddits to binge-read, we’ve got you covered. 

This week, we talked to the web developer and administrator Steve Huffman, co-founder and CEO at Reddit, a social news aggregator, web agreeable rating, and altercation belvedere which Time annual ranks in the top 15 affecting websites of all time. Huffman shared with us the five subreddits he’s been visiting during the lockdown to kill a bit of time.

  • r/pan

“I like to check r/pan in the morning, on the long drive to my desk,” Huffman told TNW. r/pan stands for ‘Reddit Public Access Network’ and it allows users to create and stream live videos from their accounts via mobile. The live streams’ topics vary from agreeable performances to affable tutorials, but also memes on a loop and dogs — a lot of dogs.

  • r/OutOfTheLoop 

The subreddit r/OutOfTheLoop keeps Huffman up to date with what’s hot and new on reddit, on other online platforms or, more generally, in the world. In this subreddit you can find an account for the sudden hate appear TikTok in India, or for Trump’s fixation on hydroxychloroquine. If you can’t get your head around the latest cryptic Elon Musk tweet or why Bill Gates is being targeted by cabal theory channels on YouTube, r/OutOfTheLoop will accommodate you with an answer — and its redditors won’t judge you for being out of the loop.

  • r/CasualConversation

“When I have more time to kill, I tend to lurk in r/CasualConversation,” Huffman shared. In this subreddit, you can start a chat about annihilation that’s in your mind, and share whatever story you’re accommodating to tell — and there’s a lot going on in there. On r/CasualConversation you can accurate your preference for Irish rather than Idahoan potatoes, celebrate your birthday, and join forces with other users to try to find the better absolute about the coronavirus lockdown

  •  r/TheoryofReddit

r/TheoryofReddit is authentic as a ‘mildly navel-gazing space’ in the subreddit’s aboriginal description. Its users investigate what makes Reddit communities work and what can be done on a daily basis to help make Reddit a better place. It usually focuses on data, issues, solutions, and strategies that could be addressed and implemented by Reddit’s users and moderators. In this subreddit, users analyze their claimed theories about why people use Reddit, why redditors think they’re so much better than other people, and what could be done to tackle the conception of subreddits focused on abusive other people


This is the place where Reddit users can come and talk about fights, beef, and gossips from other subreddits and redditors. r/SubredditDrama is like antagonistic combat for Reddit users, where all the drama is anxiously discussed and analyzed by an attentive, highly professional, and bearding jury. And if this still isn’t enough for you, adapt your airheaded and check out r/SubredditDrama’s accompanying subreddits: /r/internetdrama for accepted internet drama and /r/subredditdramadrama for drama accident within r/SubredditDrama’s users.

However, “keeping busy is usually the easy part,” Reddit’s CEO explained. His big tip for the lockdown is to figure out the best way to stay affiliated with people you used to only meet in person. “I’ve been trying to carve out advised time for them,” Hoffman said, “but I still haven’t absolutely solved it.” 

Hopefully, Hoffman’s subreddit suggestions will keep you busy for a while and make your lockdown a little more bearable.

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