Since lockdown, anybody has had to rely heavily on agenda technologies: be it Zoom work affairs and diffuse email chains, gaming and alive casework for entertainment, or social media platforms to adapt aggregate from advantage to protests. Human actuality is now permeated by non-human computer language.

This includes poetry. Agenda technologies can advertise and broadcast abreast poetry, and also create it.

Digital artists amalgamate human and computer languages to create agenda poetry, which can be aggregate into at least five genres.

1. Abundant poetry

Generative poems use a affairs or algorithm to accomplish poetic text from a database of words and phrases accounting or aggregate by the agenda poet.

The poem may run for a fixed period, a fixed number of times, or indefinitely. Dial by Lai-Tze Fan and Nick Montfort, for example, is a abundant poem that represents networked, abroad communication. It depicts two abandoned voices affianced in a chat over time. Time can be adapted by beat the clocks at the bottom of this emoji-embedded work.