A smart blast system is being trialled on Barcelona’s metro arrangement to aerate fresh air, adapt temperature and clamminess and help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) is aerodynamics the RESPIRA system from SENER Engineering. The bogus intelligence (AI) platform reads the temperature, humidity, air affection and electricity burning in metro stations in real-time. An algorithm combines this data with advice such as the acclimate anticipation and accepted ascendancy levels to adumbrate ecology altitude at the stations and appropriately affairs the operation of each fan to adapt temperature and energy consumption.

TMB says able ascendancy of the blast will also bring the best amount of fresh air inside, which will access hygiene and “reduce the risk of admeasurement of COVID-19 and assorted microorganisms, in accordance with the guidelines of the health authorities”. The system could also abutment predictive maintenance.

RESPIRA will be piloted from this month on Lines 1 to 5, which carry 94 percent of passengers. The trial will be advised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and, if successful, could be broadcast to other large venues in Spain.

Digital transformation

TMB is the main public carriage abettor in Catalonia and one of the better in Spain. It manages an eight-line, 156-station metro arrangement – 25 percent of which is automatic – as well as city buses.

Ramon Bacardí, Director of the Metro network, said: “This is a good archetype of the appliance of technologies for the annual of convalescent the affection of annual and with a direct effect on the customer’s travel experience.”

He added that it highlights “the addition that the blast system can make to accommodate an ambiance of safety and abundance [on] the metro network” as operations resume afterward COVID-19 lockdowns.

“We need, for sustainability and social equity, that public carriage allotment to be seen as the best option for city advancement in the Barcelona area,” he commented.

The pilot follows a antecedent study amid TMB and SENER on Line 1 which saw a temperature abridgement of 1.2 Celsius compared to antecedent years.

“Mitigating the heat was one of the goals being pursued. But the study also approved the accent of the proper activity of blast accessories and acicular to the possibilities of intelligent and activating control, which took into annual the alien and centralized ecology altitude of the stations and accustomed a action of optimal blast by sending alone speed instructions to the fans, according to the time and day,” a account from TMB said. “This opened the door to the agenda transformation of one of the basic systems of the Barcelona metro infrastructure.”

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