It’s well-documented that actinic compounds found in cannabis, abnormally cannabidiol (CBD), are able at alleviative the affection of many forms of cancer. But now there’s affirmation that it could potentially cure the ache by advancing cancer cells.

Cancer researcher Matt Dun, of the University of Newcastle in Australia, afresh accomplished a three-year long study advertence a specific adapted strain of cannabis is annihilative to assertive types of cancer cells while actual controllable to the human body’s own cells.

According to a press absolution from the University of Newcastle:

Laboratory tests conducted at the University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Analysis Institute have shown that a adapted form of alleviative cannabis can kill or arrest cancer cells after impacting normal cells, absolute its abeyant as a analysis rather than simply a relief medication.

The strain in question, named Eve, was adapted to accommodate less than 1% of the accepted amount of “THC,” the admixture associated with the activity of accepting high on cannabis, while accompanying having a very high amount of CBD.


Dun and their team worked with the Australian Natural Therapies Group (ANTG) to advance the strain and conduct the all-important testing to actuate its abeyant as a cancer intervention. According to Dun:

ANTG wanted me to test it adjoin cancer, so we initially used leukaemia cells and were really afraid by how acute they were. At the same time, the cannabis didn’t kill normal bone marrow cells, nor normal advantageous neutrophils [white blood cells].

We then realised there was a cancer-selective apparatus involved, and we’ve spent the past couple of years trying to find the answer.

The next steps will accommodate testing the strain on other types of cancer cells and, hopefully, acceptable regulators around the globe to take cannabis testing seriously. Studies such as the one Dun conducted are difficult to hold in places where cannabis is still advised a alarming and actionable drug, such as the US where remains classified as a agenda one actuality alongside heroin.

Quick take: We’ve long known cannabis is able at alleviative many cancer symptoms, but this is some of the first acute affirmation that CBD can kill cancer cells. If this analysis pans out, we could be attractive at a abeyant action for some forms of cancer in a matter of decades.

Best of all, low-THC cannabis presents very little risk of side-effects compared to almost every other able accepted or beginning action for cancer. This is agitative news.

But take it with a grain of salt. One three-year study isn’t enough affirmation to acknowledge the war adjoin cancer won. It’ll take peer-review and myriad future studies to affirm the after-effects and actuate absolutely why Eve is able at all.

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