The demand for cheaper, greener electricity means that the energy mural is alteration faster than at any other point in history. This is decidedly true of solar-powered electricity and array storage. The cost of both has alone at aberrant rates over the past decade and energy-efficient technologies such as LED lighting have also expanded.

Access to cheap and all-over solar power and accumulator will transform the way we aftermath and use power, acceptance electrification of the carriage sector. There is abeyant for new chemical-based economies in which we store renewable energy as fuels, and abutment new accessories making up an “internet of things.”

But our accepted energy technologies won’t lead us to this future: we will soon hit ability and cost limits. The abeyant for future reductions in the cost of electricity from silicon solar, for example, is limited. The accomplish of each panel demands a fair amount of energy and factories are big-ticket to build. And although the cost of assembly can be awkward a little further, the costs of a solar accession are now bedeviled by the extras – installation, wiring, electronics, and so on.