As a global communicable continues to actuate a new normal, tens of bags of admirers have been tuning in to watch people play chess on a livestreaming website called An American chess grandmaster, Hikaru Nakamura, along with a number of celebrities of the video game world, is arch a renaissance in the age-old game.

While admirers agilely await Nakamura’s streams to begin, they are advised to a slideshow of memes involving Nakamura’s face superimposed into scenes from pop culture. First, a advertence to a acclaimed Japanese animation, next a famous backward kiss with Spiderman and finally, Nakamura’s appropriate grin is edited onto the Mona Lisa herself.

From Aug. 21 to Sept. 6, Twitch and are hosting a tournament, called Pogchamps, where some of the most accepted gaming streamers in the world attempt in a chess clash with US$50,000 on the line.

The accepted renaissance in chess is accident at the assemblage of livestreaming technology, video game culture, and one grandmaster’s aberrant skills as both a chess player and an entertainer. What is arising is an accidentally good bond amid chess and a agenda bearing that is assuming how affecting gamers can be.

The game of kings is more accepted than ever, with over 605 actor players worldwide, and now, memes are involved.