Every year at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) in Shenzhen, China, the aggregation reveals its latest innovations, shiny new products, and accessible strategy. If you love Huawei accessories (and may even be account this from your own admired P30 Pro) this is the place to be.

But if you missed this year’s livestream of HDC2020 (September 10-12), not to worry! We’ve put calm two handy recap videos and accessories of the company’s latest advancements in its line of accouterments and software.

We’ll start off here with (what you’re apparently most aflame about) the new gadgets. Check out this video recap from TNW’s Callum Booth:

Now check out our write up of Huawei’s six new products: 


Freebuds Pro

Perhaps the coolest new affection of these wireless earbuds is what Huawei calls ‘Intelligent Dynamic noise cancelation.’ But just what does that mean? 

With a aggregate of accouterments and software, the Freebuds Pro pick up on ambient noise levels and adjust appropriately amid three altered noise-canceling modes:

Cozy mode, great for quieter ambience like libraries or offices to gently drown out soft noises like typing and paper flipping. 

General mode, which keeps you jamming whether at a busy cafe or out on the streets. 

And, last but not least, Ultra mode with the power to block out unruly accouchement on an aeroplane (even if they’re yours). 

If you want to stay semi in touch with your surroundings, you can switch to acquaintance mode or voice mode, which uses an algorithm to drown out ambient noises while befitting you alert to human voices. 

And the Freebuds Pro have a array life of up to 30 hours (with the ANC off).

Freelace Pro

The Freelace Pro should excite those of you who are sportier than yours truly (aka everyone). 

Like the Freebuds Pro, the Freelace Pro also uses Active Noise Cancellation technology. This means that, while on your run or training in the gym, you can drown out your surroundings, and crank up your focus. If you want to switch to voice mode, simply tap and hold the left earbud. 

If, like me, you always forget to charge your gear, not to worry. Just a five minute charge will give you five hours of playtime. When fully charged, the Freelace Pro can last up to 24 hours. If you’re out on the go, you can also charge and pair it with your phone using a USB-C.

Cool design feature: The earbuds are alluring and snap calm when not in use, acceptation you’ll never lose them.


GT2 Pro 

For those who want the capabilities of a Fitbit or Apple watch, but don’t like the sporty look, the GT2 Pro has a classically styled angled watch face, choices amid a archetypal or sport wristband, and over 200 watch face designs to choose from.

While it may look more affected than your archetypal sports watch, it still packs in data tracking for over 100 fettle activities. In particular, skiers and snowboarders will love the snow sports-focused mode including heart rate monitoring, boilerplate speed, best slope, track, and distance. If golf is your game, the GT2 Pro comes with a congenital claimed golf coach able of allegory your swing and using data to help you level up your performance. 

If you’re a runner who likes to blaze your own trails, one cool new affection is Route back. Imagine you’re active through a forest… and all the trees start to look the same. Then you apprehend your GPS signal is low… Not to worry, this isn’t the start of a scary movie. Simply use the recorded travel route to find your way back home. 

The GT2 is accordant with Qi wireless chargers and also supports about-face charging with your phone. It has a two-week array life but, if you’re hopeless at canonizing to charge, just plug it in for five min to get ten hours of array life. 

Watch Fit

For those of you who like the sporty look, Huawei’s Watch Fit is your poison. It has 96 conditioning modes and an activated claimed trainer to take you through exercise routines. 

What’s new about this watch is its angled ellipsoidal watch face which supports a 1.64 inch AMOLED screen. Altogether it weighs just 34 grams and has a total array life of 10 days

One more new accession is that this model has a 5 ATM waterproof rating, acceptation it can last up to 10 min abysmal up to 50m underwater. 


Huawei appear two new laptops, the Matebook X and Matebook 14. Both laptops have some cool new appearance including a 90% screen to body ratio, giving you a full-screen experience, and a light touch trackpad which provides haptic feedback.

In line with the company’s cardinal move appear artefact integration, they’ve made it even easier to affix your phone with your laptop through its Huawei Share tech. Simply tap your phone on the laptop’s share icon. This creates a basic adaptation of your phone on the screen, acceptance you to drag and drop files and edit them anon on your laptop.

Two new aegis appearance accommodate a camera that’s stored under your keypad and pops out only when you want to use it, and fingerprint authentication. 

Both laptops boast 16GB of memory and a 56 wh battery, which gives you up to 10 connected hours of 1080p video playback. 

Getting down to the differences amid the two, the Matebook X is a lighter weight laptop, absolute for bringing to the office or a cafe. Meanwhile, the Matebook 14 is a more able adaptation (great for video editors and gamers) which ensures faster downloads and smooth performance. Plus it appearance a new Shark Fin 2.0 fan to blow the heat generated by your mad gaming skills. 

Matebook X 

  • Weighs 1 kilo
  • 13-inch screen
  • 3000 x 2000 px resolution

Matebook 14

  • Weighs 1.49 kilos
  • 14-inch screen 
  • 2160 x 1440 px resolution

That was our quick overview of Huawei’s able new accouterments gadgets. For more info, check out their website

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