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ve the need to authorize charging stations or be operationally bound to terminals.

“Electric busline will assist borough efforts to reduce air abuse and noise, and assist the alteration to green modes of transport, which will accord to convalescent the affection of life and the ambiance for association and visitors to the city. We have no doubt that, if the wide-scale agreement is successful, it will not only account the public, but also save resources, advance the operational adeptness of public transportation, and maybe even a new world-class method of electrification will arise from Tel Aviv-Yafo. This is addition anniversary in advancing borough policy on acceptable transportation.”

Window to the world

Oren Ezer, ElectReon CEO and founding partner, said: “This is a very important step in the accomplishing of electric road technology, and we are captivated that the first electrified public route is being accustomed in Tel Aviv.Tel Aviv is accepted to be the first city common to roll out the technology to charge buses on a wide scale.

Electric road construction. [Image: Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality]
“The pilot will be a affectation window to the world, showcasing the adeptness to charge urban public transportation.”

The aggregation is also active a activity in Sweden to charge heavy trucks on an intercity road. A accessible action in Karlsruhe will power a bus line abutting account aggregation EnBW’s new training centre in the city’s Rhine harbour to the local public carriage system.

ElectReon afresh appear the acknowledged achievement of a trial in which an electric agent travelled continuously along a 25-metre area within its beginning circuitous in Beit Yanai, Israel.

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Published October 16, 2020 — 09:00 UTC

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