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ved and stored in the frunk), power rear drop class, six-function MultiPro tailgate and more. Production begins in fall 2021.

  • The Hummer EV3X will follow in fall 2022 for $99,995. Like the First Edition, it also appearance a three-motor system with torque vectoring and Watts to Freedom, GM’s adaptation of Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode, advised to bear 0-to-60 dispatch in the three-second range.
  • The Hummer EV2X comes in spring 2023 at $89,995 with adaptive air abeyance with Extract Mode (which can raise the abeyance six inches) and CrabWalk, its four-wheel council system.
  • Finally, the Hummer EV2 arrives in spring 2024 for $79,995 with a two-motor drive system.
  • GM said half of its Buick-GMC dealers have signed up to carry the Hummer brand, which will eventually expand to other configurations like an SUV. Dealers have to add tools to work on the Hummer and install DC fast-charging stations. According to GM admiral Mark Reuss those dealers also have agreed to follow no-haggle prices on the Hummer.

    The Hummer EV will be built at GM’s revamped Hamtramck plant, which is now committed to architecture EVs and has been renamed Factory Zero after a $2.2 billion investment. In accession to the Hummer, the Cruise Origin free shuttle will be the antecedent agent built there.

    The exploding electric truck market

    When the Hummer arrives late next year it will be abutting a growing accidental of electric pickups. GM’s Chevrolet Division has an electric adaptation of its Silverado pickup due next year as well. Similarly, Ford will have a fully electric F-150 that year.

    Those accepted pickups will be challenged by at least two newcomers—the Rivian R1T and the Tesla Cybertruck, both of which have promised to be on the market in 2021. The Lordstown Endurance is also accepted to appear around the same time.

    Hummer doesn’t have a lock on the muscle truck part of the market, either, as Ford’s already show a ancestor of its electric pickup towing a train, Tesla’s bragged about its three-motor system’s accomplishment and Rivian has put out all-encompassing videos of its pickup disturbing up off-road trails.

    All of these manufacturers will be abstraction up a market articulation that currently exists only as reservations, although the accumulative number of those is absorbing (in the 100,000s).

    More Hummer EV details

    The Hummer will break a lot of ground for GM as it will be the first EV to use the new Ultium batteries in a 24-module double-stacked skateboard chassis. The cabin is bedeviled by two screens—a 12.3-inch one in front of the driver and the 13.4-inch center display. The “frunk,” a accumulator alcove in the front of the pickup where a accepted model’s engine would be, is advised to easily carry the four disposable glass roof panels.

    While 35-inch tires are standard, the wheelwells are advised to board 37-inch tires after modifications. The underbody has steel plates advised to assure the array pack. Off-road “widgets” will affectation agent functions and area status, including torque output, cogwheel locker engagement, tire pressure, pitch and roll angles (including best values), a drift gauge (with best values), abrasion circle, torque vectoring and more.

    So when Led Zepplin sing that the hammer of the gods is coming, GM engineers and designers acutely want you to adapt that as the Hummer of the gods. They’re aiming this pickup be the overlord mentioned in the song, able of acquisition any obstacle placed in its path. Their appetite is not just earth-bound as the Hummer has several Easter eggs hinting that mere earthbound altar are just the starting point. The dead pedal is a replica of Neil Armstrong’s first brand on the moon and a map of the Seat of Tranquility. I guess you can adapt this that either the Hummer EV is GM’s moonshot—or just that they think the truck is “out of this world.”

    We’ll find out more next year when they build a few and let us get behind the wheel.

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    Appear November 8, 2020 — 14:00 UTC

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