Github, a Microsoft company, allegedly fired a Jewish agent for saying “there are Nazis about” in acknowledgment to the agitator activity of the US Capital architecture last week.

Business Insider today broke the story advertisement that “some 200” advisers had signed a letter ambitious answers from the company’s CEO Nat Friedman. According to the commodity (paywall), the agent accustomed a admonishing from HR for their animadversion before being concluded for what the aggregation claims is a arrangement of misconduct.

Background: Without alive absolutely what Github’s claiming the agent did before the “Nazi” account it’s difficult to assess whether the blow-back adjoin the aggregation is likely to die out or become a grassroots movement agnate to the currently advance bearings surrounding Google’s firing of eminent AI ethicist and researcher Timnit Gebru.

But, we can say beyond a shadow of doubt that there were, in fact, Nazis “about” during the coup at the Capital. Neo-Nazi groups were among those amenable for acclimation and accessory the attempted coup to abolish the US government.

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