NASA today appear amazing new footage from the Perseverance rover’s accession on the apparent of Mars.

The Perseverance rover left for the red planet on 30 July 2020. After a mostly boring alteration through space, it managed to touch down on the apparent of Mars at 20:55 UTC on 18 February 2021.

Its mission, per NASA:

Seek signs of age-old life and aggregate samples of rock and regolith (broken rock and soil) for accessible return to Earth.

The rover’s been hard at work in the red dirt of Mars all weekend and will apparently remain there, well, forever. But that won’t stop it from accomplishing its mission to send samples back to Earth. Once Perseverance obtains the proper samples, the plan is to fire them back to Earth in rockets.


But this isn’t slated to happen until at least 2031. In the meantime, the rover’s headed to spots on Mars that are just too difficult to land anon on.

And that brings us to this alluring video NASA appear today assuming the rover’s coast to the Martian surface: