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Somewhere deep in Rocky Mountain country the United States is training two elite Airforce attack squadrons to assure the world — or at least the US — from space attacks. The 26th and 527th Space Aggressor Squadrons (SAS) have been tasked with attention our space assets, developing strategies to secure our space interests, and mounting a aegis adjoin exoteric invaders that, on paper, sounds a lot like a Michael Bay script.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced that it would be renewing its fight for net neutrality. It will join forces with Amazon, Etsy, Mozilla, Kickstarter, Bittorrent, Reddit and dozens of other major companies for the ‘Battle For The Net‘ event on July 12th.

Apple is absolution iOS 11 and with it comes changes to the aeronautics app. The adapted adaptation of the accepted aeronautics app will affection added advice for when you get where you’re going – abundant floor plans of malls and hotels for example. You’ll also be able to actuate the floor plan of an airport before you get there – including airport aegis locations.