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Once the acme of abstruse accomplishment (at least as it pertains to video games), Pac-Man and Donkey Kong have since become admired relics of our abandoned arcade past. Six-foot tall cabinets that once made visits to the arcade, bowling alley or local pizza parlor so amazing are fond memories of most of our childhoods.

Sony has appear that it will soon add abutment for Cinemax and HBO to its live-streaming TV service, PlayStation Vue. The channels will be accessible to watch on all models of the PS3 and PS4 in time for the premiere on Sunday, October 2.

Google owns dozens of Web backdrop which collectively run on billions of lines of code — two billion, to be exact. The aboriginal space shuttle, a relic from 1982, only appropriate 400,000 lines of code to launch a crew and several tons of fuel into orbit. To put that into perspective, your search for dank memes requires 5,000 times more code than it took to launch people into space.