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Deepfake videos are hard for green eyes to detect because they can be quite realistic. Whether used as claimed weapons of revenge, to dispense banking markets or to destabilize all-embracing relations, videos depicting people doing and saying things they never did or said are a axiological threat to the longstanding idea that “seeing is believing.” Not anymore.

Nintendo this week appear the Switch Lite, a handheld-only adaptation of the Switch with a slimmer form. Naturally, the admittance of this new Switch into Nintendo’s stable begs the catechism of what place the admirable 3DS has in the new family. Is the 3DS about to exit the stage. I would say maybe… but the Switch still has a long way to go.

Despite fearing death, humans have always been weirdly obsessed with anticipating their final day on earth. Now in the agenda age, this morbid allure with admiration death has taken form in agenda death clocks. Death admission tools are often used as a joke, but some financial institutions, health organizations, and insurers are using its data as a life assumption calculator.