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Reminders of the airiness of our bodies are unavoidable. You just have to hope that your next injury won’t be too aching or long-lasting. My most recent started in 2014, with knee pain. It felt like a little electric shock to the alfresco of the knee joint. At first it was the odd jab, the kind you half-ignore, hoping that it will go away. But over 18 months it became two hours of pain each time I exercised. Then an all-day, accustomed event that might absorb a hundred or more of these stabs. They’d often awaken me in the middle of the night.

Over the last few years, there’s been a rise in feminist porn with more across-the-board attitudes about the future of sex positivity, both on- and off-screen. Since the beginning of porn, erotic movies have been predominately made for men, by men, using women as an accent to adult female — but Erika Lust, an award-winning Swedish erotic film director, screenwriter, and producer, is alive to change the face of the porn industry.