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There’s annihilation like staring down the barrel of assorted files you know you’ll have to rename. Sure, there are batch file naming utilities in the App store — and I’ve used most of them — but until recently, I never knew the functionality I needed to rename assorted files was cooked right into macOS. And for those of you trying to jump ahead: no, I’m not talking about Automator.

Prosecutors in the case say they accept this is the first time that pace-maker data has been used in a bent case. We’ve seen this type of thing before with wearable technology – just never a device that was surgically built-in in a person.

Professor Nick Bostrom doesn’t need a clear ball to adumbrate the future; he’s got an convention for that. He’s the founding administrator of the Future of Altruism Convention (FHI) at Oxford University. The convention works with advisers and tech companies like Google’s Deep Mind, and Facebook, in the Partnership on AI. It’s purpose is to answer the big account questions on altruism and ensure we don’t accidentally get destroyed by our own creations — among other things.

Hyperloop One just went from abstraction to absoluteness – the busline pod completed a full systems test on May 12th and, according to developers, it passed with flying colors. Hyperloop One is an beat busline technology that involves levitation, loops, and lots of speed.