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Ev Williams is a ablaze man. His vision for online publishing offers up a near-utopian vision of what a democratized internet looks like in Medium. He also once ran a couple of other businesses you may have heard of: Twitter, which he co-founded, and Odeo, a accepted podcast app that may have actually launched before the public was ready for it, and years prior to the new podcast boom.

I am baffled by the affection of apps Apple allows into this store. In fact, it gives me not-so-fond memories of being an early Android user. They’re not all bad, it’s just that you can only find good ones by blow or recommendation.

If you looked past the VR overload, there were a ton of absolutely alien articles being featured on the floor at SXSW. So many, that we absitively to make a assembly of the weirdest, craziest shit we could find for y’all to enjoy. So enjoy.