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Digital Hub Initiative’s Start-up Games event was back again for a second copy on 29 October 2020. 10 of the most avant-garde up and coming startups from across Germany’s agenda hubs were arrive to pitch their ideas to a panel of five arch all-embracing VCs. But only one would come out on top...

A few months ago, I wrote an commodity on web speech acceptance using TensorflowJS. Even though it was super absorbing to implement, it was bulky for many of you to extend. The reason was pretty simple: it appropriate a deep acquirements model to be accomplished if you wanted to detect more words than the model I provided, which was pretty basic.

If you are like me, you love JavaScript and its ecosystem, and you have been architectonics amazing web applications using frameworks like React or performant web servers with NodeJS . Now you want to advance a desktop application, and you don’t want to learn a new programming language, or conceivably you want to re-use as much as you can from absolute web projects. Here is when Electron enters the account to save the day.

Today I was absorption on what I abstruse in the last few years, accurately accompanying to programming and computer science. It is fair to say that I explored many new things — IoT, computer vision, deep learning, blockchain development, and more on the programming side.