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Katherine Johnson, who has died at the age of 101, was an amazing woman. But up until a few years ago, hardly anyone had heard of her or her achievements. She was a mathematician and she worked for NASA. But on paper, neither of those facts would make her stand out from the crowd. Add a few more facts – she was a woman, she was black and alive in the US in the 1950s to early 1960s – and the scale of her success becomes more apparent.

Reddit today appear it’s rolling out a series of suicide blockage tools. The most important of them is a tool that would potentially get at-risk users the assets they need, in the form of an automatic bulletin that other users can send via Reddit‘s advertisement feature. To do this, Reddit‘s partnered with Crisis Text Line, a free text account for US-based users that offers abutment for those disturbing with mental health.

As the alarming coronavirus continues to spread across the globe beyond its origins in China, scores of companies are address the brunt, as some of their advisers have caught the ache either while traveling or coming in acquaintance with others. Earlier today, Reuters reported that an Amazon agent from Seattle has been placed in apprehension after testing absolute for the COVID-19 virus.