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Over the past years, thousands of companies have decided to invest in the fantastic world of social networking and WebRok is not indifferent, intending to make known to everyone the new concept of creating Free Websites. Be able to get closer to our users, or simply to publish the latest news and receive feedback from them are more than enough reason to be present on the social networks. Working strategically with marketing in the social environment, is not a simple mission as many think, but we will fight.

WebRok is already present on the following social networks:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Pinterest


We are working toward to be getting closer to our users and friends on new social networks.

Nowadays social networks are used by people of all ages around the world. Besides that, thousands of internet users are present on the social networks, several brands are present in the digital environment in order to promote news quickly and directly.

Why to be present on social networks?

  1. Be where everyone is;
  2. Get closer to your customers, friends and family;
  3. Read, interpret and understand opinions of those around you;
  4. Easy to reach new audiences;
  5. Increase your visibility;
  6. and much more...


Being present on social networks and be spoken at the same time can increase your visibility and consequent increase of visits. WebRok works to get closer and closer to each person, to create an increasingly solid presence in the panorama of social networks. Just like we want that you take up your Free Website, thanks to the fantastic social sharing features we offer on our and your Website.

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