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You can see here the main social media trends in 2015:


1.The importance of mobile – With so many different screen sizes for websites it is necessary adjust the responsive of the sites.
2.Promoted tweets and posts – Social media is no longer be a place to promote and market for free.
3.The rise of social commerce – Twitter introduced a “buy” button into tweets that makes shopping, Facebook and Tumblr are trying to be the next entering in this space.
4.The rise of Vlogging – This video blogging is creating a growing trend and an opportunity for brands of all kinds.
5.Social wallets – A Stanford student who was poking around in Facebook’s Messenger app in 2014 found and leaked a code in the programming that suggested there were plans for a payment and transfer service. While it hasn’t been implemented yet, a system like this one would allow people to send money to friends and purchase items without ever leaving the platform. This would be a big chancing in social media.
6.More focused platforms - New platforms are emerging though that suggest more options are on the horizon, and all of them with very focused niche. That’s the case of Facebook, Intagram, Foodie, Fitocracy, and others.
7.A Growing focus on internet privacy – As we know, information’s leaks and hacked accounts have always been an issue among online users. New platforms have added private chat rooms and the option to keep identities private.

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