If we knew how much data we agreeably handed out each day, would it matter? If benightedness truly is bliss, as they say, we’re a association of happy internet users that are blissed out of our goddamn minds.

A new tool called Stalkscan gives users a peek at just how sweet benightedness can be.

Created by self-proclaimed ethical hacker, Inti De Ceukelaire, Stalkscan taps the power of a mostly-forgotten Facebook affection to offer up abominable acumen into anyone that hasn’t absolutely locked down their Facebook contour (or Page).

In 2013 Facebook launched a able new affection called Graph Search. The robust new search engine accustomed users open access to many data sources Facebook had ahead kept to itself. From the simple, like award photos of your acquaintance when she was 21; to the creepy, such as stalking single friends’ comments, events they’ve attended, statuses they’ve liked, and even seeing which bars they visit most often; all things were accessible through Graph Search.

Facebook agilely back-burnered the account anon after launch. It’s still functional, but aloofness apropos and the about complication of using it sort of confused the anecdotal away from a detached feature and into article that just existed — even if most weren’t sure how to access it.

De Ceukelaire told Motherboard:

Graph Search and its aloofness issues aren’t new, but I felt like it never really accomplished the man on the street. With my accomplishments and convenient tools I want to target the non-tech-savvy people because most of them don’t have a clue what they are administration with the public.

Instead of canonizing the appropriate search strings to access Graph Search, Stalkscreen puts it all at your fingertips with a simple UI. Just enter the contour URL of your victim friend and tell Stalkscreen what you want to find; it’ll do the rest, and affectation just what you’re attractive for in a new Facebook window.

I can’t brainstorm this will be around for long.

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