Valve today accepted it was teaming with LG to create a SteamVR-powered headset. LG isn’t the first to use SteamVR Tracking — that honor belongs to HTC’s Vive — but it casts little doubt about Valve’s aspirations for OpenVR to be a one-size-fits-all belvedere for third-party hardware.

LG’s last attack at VR was a forgettable one. The 360 VR angle for the G5 smartphone failed to accomplish any real absorption and the aggregation seems to have mostly alone the device.

Details are sparse — save for the prototype using SteamVR Tracking and the OpenVR belvedere — but Valve noted the device was “designed to bear a high fidelity, next bearing VR experience.” The account is basically a PR master class on how to say article while really saying nothing.

LG is set to show off the angle at Valve’s booth this week at GDC in San Francisco.

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