VR video is the next big thing, but most of us still think that requires an big-ticket rig. It doesn’t.

Insta360 Nano turns your iPhone into a 360 degree camera with a simple app and a Lightning-connected dual-lens system. It’s short on bulk, but packs a ton of cool appearance and superb image affection into a sub-$200 device.


Nano appearance two cameras on a dongle-type device that plugs into the bottom port of iPhones from the 6 on up. Each camera provides a wide-angle view of the world around you and the app stitches them calm rather flawlessly to create a full 360-degree image.

To start, you’ll plug the camera in, download the accompanying app, and create an account. It’s upside-down, which is odd, but makes more sense once you bethink you’ll be using your phone this way while cutting 360-degree video (the Lightning port is on the bottom, remember?).


Once you’re set up, you’ll have a bunch of options, like: taking time-lapse images, 360 photos, or broadcasting live to YouTube or Facebook.

The setup for live 360 alive is a little tricky, but once you’ve done it, the process all starts to make sense. If you’re planning on cutting these sorts of videos on the fly, it’s apparently best to just shoot them and upload to your admired account once you’re done. The live video part takes a little bit of legwork, and according to Facebook, the device affidavit expires after a few days, acceptation you’ll have to re-do the alertness after that timeframe.

If you’d rather just shoot, and deal with the video later, you can upload the videos to the congenital cloud belvedere and viewer, or download them anon to your device. For me, this was the bigger method, but only because if I’m using my iPhone for photos or video, it’s about on-the-fly.

For planned stuff, I about use the Olympus OM-D E-M10 instead.

Should you buy it?

Ah the $199 question. My answer is a not-all-that-useful, “it depends.”

For those that live on Instagram or Facebook, yeah, by all means. It’s a ridiculously useful accoutrement that is sure to access assurance and accommodate some really cool content. The live alive affection is also a big plus for social junkies, like us.

For more casual users, it’s apparently not article you’ll remember when you’re on-the-go, nor will you want to fuss with the added steps appropriate to grab a quick photo or video. That said, it would absolutely add visual absorption to travel or event photos if you find yourself accepting out of the house consistently — and trust me, we’re all tired of seeing your boring images.

In short, it’s a useful tool if you plan to use it, but I don’t think it’s an accustomed device for most people, or even one they’ll use all that regularly.

But, for power users/travelers/social junkies, it’s a steal at $199. Grab yours at Amazon, or on the website.

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