Zapier doesn’t accept in relocation. In fact, it’s trying to incentivize accepted advisers to de-locate by alms them $10,000 to leave. The Bay Area, that is, not the company.

Zapier CEO Wade Foster says the offer is an beginning one. After moving to the Bay Area five years ago, Foster is aware of all the allowances of living there: great weather, beaches, wine country, skiing, and a area that puts you in the heart of tech-central. These perks don’t come for free. In recent years, San Francisco and the surrounding area has become one of the most big-ticket places in the United States to live, and is facing a severe apartment curtailment that should only worsen the problem.

“I know there are quite a few people in the Bay Area who are new parents attractive to find a better accepted of living,” Foster told SFGATE. “It’s difficult for a family of four to afford rent, a mortgage, or child care here in the Bay Area. Even if you are a two-income family this can still be difficult.”

Difficult, in this case, could absolutely border on impossible. The boilerplate two-bedroom abode in San Francisco, for example, runs about $4,500 — nearly double what that same place would have cost you in 2011.

If you’re attractive for space to spread out in a three-bedroom, I hope the aggregation you’re alive for is near an IPO, or you’ve got an cryptic stance on affairs extra organs.

A Twitter architect afresh ranted about the perils of trying to live in the Bay Area on his $160,000-a-year salary. Spoiler alert: it’s not easy.

Since Zapier team associates work remotely, the aggregation doesn’t really care where you live. It’s hoping the $10,000 could entice Bay Area association who accept a position with the aggregation to look abroad in search of a better life.

The offer is open to new advisers currently living in the Bay Area. The catch? You’ll have to work at Zapier for a year, which doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me.  If successful, Zapier hopes to offer the same allurement to others living in big-ticket cities alfresco the Bay Area.

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