If you’re attractive to jump into an arresting new career (and up your paycheck in the process), there are a lot of pluses to accede in acceptable a able hacker. As against to the adventuresome renegades who abide the FBI’s Most Wanted List, training to become an ethical white hat hacker puts you anon among the IT elite.

With the apprenticeship you’ll find in the Complete White Hat Hacking and Penetration Testing Bundle (which you can get now for $19, more than 90 percent off) from TNW Deals, you’ll not only have the tools to probe a business’ arrangement to expose aegis vulnerabilities and fix them, you’ll be in line for a accessible six-figure salary for your efforts.

In all, this amalgamation offers up five courses with 16 hours of abundant training to get you ready for the front lines of the hacker aegis field. Your courses include:

Network Penetration Tester – Build a $120K/Year Career – a $201 value
Your primer to the world of hacking for a living as you study tools, alignment and techniques.

Basics of VMWare vSphere & ESXi Virtualization Software – a $202 value
Break down cloud-based technology — how to set it up and how to assure it.

How to Build a $120,000/Year Career as a Web Penetration Tester – a $201 value
Want that six-figure paycheck? Test system defenses all day – and make lots of money doing it!

Introduction to Cisco Packet Tracer Arrangement Simulator – a $149 value
Use this hyper-realistic Cisco arrangement simulation to test your skills and ideas before you tackle the real thing.

Set Up Your Own Web Hosting Environment – a $135 value
Learn how Linux can guide you through the steps of administration all your own web hosting needs.

This apprenticeship will get you in the door as a arrangement aegis specialist… and accepting almost $900 worth of training for only $19 shows you’re already on the path of good decision-making. Grab this offer now.

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