Leading up to the TNW Conference 2017, Amsterdam was bashed with tongue-in-cheek ads like; ‘AI advised this poster, it’s coming for your job too’. This of course, was meant as a joke, but we all feel that there’s some truth in the statement. The world is changing…

Today, we’re publishing the first copy of T500: the absolute list of agenda top talents from Holland under 25. I’d like to explain how we came up with this abstraction about six months ago, why we accept this abstraction will help Dutch talent develop, and how it will help the Dutch abridgement in the long-term.


Since technology is alteration every industry, the demand for agenda talent is accretion exponentially. Unfortunately, able candidates are often hard to find, and companies are facing difficulties in award the right talent. In Holland the accepted band-aid to this botheration is to allure talent from abroad. Not that difficult, because our bread-and-butter ecosystem is adorable for expats: at least 94% of the Dutch citizenry speaks English. Furthermore nearly every university offers most courses in English as well. We also host the EMEA Headquarters of large corporates like Nike, Booking.com & Uber. And yeah, ask @boris what living in Amsterdam is like.

The growing demand is good for absolute talent – they can basically pick and choose what aggregation to work for. But the amount of accessible talent will become a big botheration in the (near) future.

We accept young talent is the key. They’re the future, and are still open to choose admonition in their able lives. We accept the agenda administration is the one to choose for.

But a belvedere for young top talent, where they are accustomed for their skills, and where they can meet up with each other, was still missing. We accept that besides being the brand with the reach to change this, it’s also our responsibility, so it was only accustomed that we took action.


This is why we came up with T500: To find, foster, and advance Dutch top talent in agenda under 25 years old. And I know, award 500 top talents in of our tiny little country seems quite ambitious. But is really? Our association accomplice Young Creators, rising star Picnic, and consultancy firm Accenture helped us take on this challenge. We were afflicted by the great amount of applications and their quality. It was the other way around: It ended up being a really hard task to curate a list of the 500 best talents out of 3000 applications.

So, how did we do it? Talents had to be under 25 and their contour had to be in digital, of course. The jury (below) also looked at their accepted roles, skill set, and what projects they worked on in the past. We asked the participants to argue the jury why they belonged on the list and we asked the jury to ask themselves: Would I hire this person today if I had the opportunity? We disconnected them into hustlers (sales, marketing), makers (design, creative) & creators (developers, engineers).


The winners got an email 3 weeks ago. We were afraid by how proud and happy they were with their spot on the list. A good archetype are the super artistic #t500 posts on their LinkedIn walls. We gave them free access to TNW Conference 2017 two weeks ago, where they had the befalling to sign up for the Talent Sessions: Small round-table workshops hosted by experts from companies like Trivago, Uber, PwC, Picnic, and Accenture.

I have to say I was a little afraid about the amount of T500 associates assuming up for these sessions, but my dream came true when I saw there wasn’t a seat left open at the first round of the Talent Sessions. Early this week I sent out a Typeform survey to all T500 participants, and I think the afterward stats sums the whole affairs up quite nicely:


With that, we’re proud to present to you the official list of T500. Keep an eye on them!

>>>>>>>> T500 LIST <<<<<<<<

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