Facebook bygone filed a patent account plans for a modular smart device. The patent shows off a design that would allow consumers to mix and match altered accouterments apparatus accordant with a base frame.

Information gleaned from the patent doesn’t make it clear whether this device is meant to be a smart phone or not. It’s possible, based on images in the document, that it could also be a smart-home apostle like Amazon’s Alexa.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a modular device concept, and this patent absolutely isn’t advertence that Facebook is going to advance and accomplish the product. Patents in the tech world don’t absolutely adumbrate the future, bethink the aerosol patent Apple filed earlier?

Still, we’d love to see a affection modular phone. The idea, according to the patent, is to create an upgradeable device belvedere that doesn’t crave consumers to acquirement a new device every time accouterments changes. The patent states:

Conventional customer electronics have a short life cycle. Consumers acquirement customer electronics that advance acid edge technology only to find that their electronics are anachronous in the near future… the life cycle of accepted customer electronics is big-ticket and wasteful.

If it turns out the device is a phone, or agnate consumer-based device, this could be a game-changer. Potentially, you could just advancement your phone when technology advances, instead of being forced to shell out for an absolutely new device.

We’d need a lot of optimism to accept this artefact will make it to market anytime soon (or at all). But the abstraction is agitative and, according to Business Insider, the group alive on the device has prior acquaintance – some of the developers ahead worked on Google’s modular phone project.

We’d give a flagship affection device that let’s us pick and choose what pieces make sense for our use the ‘heart’ reaction. The angle hasn’t been great for modular phones in the past however, so don’t get your hopes up.

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