It’s the year 2017 — social media sites are aggressive for attention, and even the able and highly-regarded use blogging sites like Medium. With that in mind, does the boilerplate user need a claimed website?

Who are You, and What do You Want?

Usually I see people put calm claimed websites to acquaint themselves as professionals (or avid amateurs) at something. Keeping all of your advice in one place was (and still is) a great way to create a complete annual of yourself.

Say, for example, you’re into photography — a claimed website would have your arcade of photographs, a description of your accessories and experience, and your acquaintance information. That’s aggregate you need to make yourself known.


But as much as I acclaim anyone with the time and backbone to make a site likes this, what are you accepting that Instagram can’t offer?

To be clear, I’m not talking about websites you create in annual of other things. The “Game of Thrones” fan site is fair game, it’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the kind of websites advised to acquaint a person — not a business or an opinion.

Social Media for All Occasions

The rise of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites has eclipsed the claimed website, as those sites have become the absence method of analytic for claimed information. There’s a good reason why — they’re easy to use, both for the searcher and the person being searched.


For example, when I was job hunting, I was almost consistently asked for my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn might not be one of the flashiest social sites, but it does circumduct around networking, and it does offer just as good a place as any to tout your own resume. It doesn’t matter necessarily that it’s not absolutely the format I’d choose to present my resume. What affairs is: that’s the first place anyone who wants to know about my work acquaintance will search for me.

Say the same academic columnist from above wanted to get their pictures onto a site that would authenticate the affection of their work and bring it to the absorption of more people. They could put calm a claimed gallery, but wouldn’t a Facebook page, Instagram profile, or even (for the truly bizarre) Google annual serve the same purpose?

Other Sites Get the Word Out

It’s not just social media taking over the work of websites. Blogging sites, such as Medium or Tumblr, have taken over as the place where those with article to say can be heard in an autonomous environment. Medium is fast acceptable a site for journalists and able writers, and will soon allow people to aggregate acquirement by announcement their work there.


I do think it’s important to own your own online. Having all the things which come up when people search your name online go to things you ascendancy is an important part of claimed freedom in this day and age.

But there’s a aberration amid authoritative your character and having a claimed website. The former is a way to ascendancy what advice about you is out there when people search for your name. The latter is a way of presenting that advice in a way that seems a bit archaic.

While I can see some affairs where you might like to have a website with all your info in one place — for example, as a case study to prove you can design and advance a good website — I don’t see it being a thing most modern professionals need.

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