It’s never been easier to find a accomplice who sucks at acrimonious passwords as bad as you do.

Words of Heart is a dating site that will match you to other people who use the same countersign you do. It’s also not a real thing. I mean, it is. But it’s also not.

The site works as intended, and does indeed pair you to other individuals using the same countersign as you. But it’s less about award love, and more a anxious bit of social annotation that alike on Cheep last week and left the infosec world abrading their heads.

Humans are bad at passwords, this we know. Despite abundant data breaches each year, it charcoal difficult proving to actual internet users that “password” or “123456” aren’t absolutely befitting prying eyes out of your Wells Fargo account.

Two-factor authentication? Forget about it.

As for Words of Heart, architect Kryzysztof Zaj?c told he “came up with the idea as a joke and absitively it would be funny to apparatus it.”

Twitter agreed, mostly — after they accomplished debating whether or not it was a phishing scheme.

As art, the site works as intended: you enter a countersign and get matches based on that password. Trying it with the usual suspects (123456, password, love, 1111111, etc.) showed abundant matches, although none with actual acquaintance capacity — which leads me to accept most are just toying with it as a amusing way to see if others share their passwords. As you’d expect, however, longer, more circuitous passwords yielded zero results.

It seems that no one shares my affection for about generated, multi-format passwords (including upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols). And that’s a good thing. Well, unless you’re trying to find a date.

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