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???? A judge brash Trump to mute his Cheep critics (BBC)

???? London’s mayor warned big tech on hate speech (BBC)

???? Warner Bros.’s Westworld game opened pre-registration (TechCrunch)

What we’re talking about:

The FBI is arise down on BlackBerrys customized for drug cartels.

To bring acquaintance to how videogames are OBVIOUSLY the sole reason school shootings are accident in the U.S., The White House posted an alarming accumulation of gaming gore on YouTube. 

Martin Shkreli, the man with the most punchable face ever made, has been bedevilled to 7 years in prison for aegis fraud. Bye, Marty. Hand over that Wu-Tang album on your way out.

Brain implants are happening — are you ready for yours?

We should be getting paid to use Facebook and Google.

There’s lots of legend and lore surrounding blockchain. Here are the 13 most common myths, debunked.

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Let’s crowdfund a accouterment allowance for Neo.

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