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This app shows the power of Bitcoin Lightning Arrangement (and a lot of dicks)

If you think blockchain technology is boring, this Cheep user is out there to prove you wrong.

Lightning K0ala has created an online graffiti board, called, to show the power of Lightning Arrangement (LN) in processing micro-transactions.

For those who do not know, Lightning Arrangement is a layer that sits on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain to make the affairs cheaper and faster.

While the technology is still in its beginning stage, it is often touted as a band-aid to Bitcoin’s scalability problems. Its total arrangement accommodation beyond $150,000 in April. In fact, at one point in March, it had more active nodes active than Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a Bitcoin hard fork that also claims to solve Bitcoin’s scalability worries.

But naturally, users were more absorbed in doodling penises on the board. In fact, the website keeps track of dicks drawn — 106 at the time of this writing.

If you are absorbed in doodling your own penis — I mean, if you are absorbed in testing micro-transactions with LN yourself, here is how it works:

There are one actor pixels on the canvas, and each pixel costs one satoshi to paint. You can choose to draw whatever you want and wherever you want. Based on how large your painting is, you pay the agnate amount in Satoshi (1 BTC = 100 actor Satoshi). If you want to paint the entire canvas red, it will cost you $67.39 as per the accepted BTC price (My piece of art cost me $0.04).

We accomplished out to the architect of to accept his vision for the app.

“I created to analyze the appliance of micro-transactions in the ambience of multiplayer games. I also just wanted to mess around with active a Lightning node addition out how this stuff works,” Lightning K0ala told Hard Fork. “Things have been amazing so far, it’s been a laugh trip for the last three days watching people draw on the board and animadversion on social media. We’ve got a nice little group on Telegram basic where people post suggestions and I can gauge what stuff should be fixed or improved.”

Did he ahead that so many people would be using the board to draw penises? “No,” he answers. “I did not ahead how artistic people would get with penises. It’s… majestic.”

He acutely underestimated the power of penises over blockchain.

Even Bitcoin developer, Jameson Lopp, took to Cheep to share his admired penis doodle from the board. It is this one:

If you want to draw your own doodle with Lightning Network, you can do so here.

Published June 11, 2018 — 17:41 UTC

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