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ve redundancies.

Nothing about the account afraid me. It’s Silicon Valley boilerplate, the type of accent used to pacify shareholders while ensuring the media that [insert aggregation here] values its advisers above all else. They’ll pick up the pieces and move forward, one step closer to accomplishing their goal of making the world a better place and blah blah blah confusing force.

This isn’t weird to me. What’s weird was the level of hero adoration that came next.

It started as a trickle, a few comments praising Musk on his administration while abating him that this was the right choice for the future of the aggregation — as if anyone, including Musk, could possibly know what the right choice was for Tesla.

And then it began to pour.

Even ex-employees — those afresh canned as part of the “corporate restructuring” — jumped aboard the train, massaging the man’s ego before branch to or LinkedIn to find their next paycheck.

It’s as if they’d forgotten it was Musk’s administration that led them to this point, a point where Musk, the man, became a allegorical figurehead in the amaranthine tech hype cycle while Musk, the CEO, still hasn’t proven he can run a assisting business since his abandonment from PayPal 1999.

But still, people adoration the guy. And it’s hard not to. Musk’s visions are that of a 12-year-old given an absolute amount of money and told to “go play.” Building rockets and flying them into space? Awesome. Connecting the brain to a computer in an attack to build cyborg humans? Why not? Digging giant tunnels under cities using heavy machinery? Fuck yeah.

But somewhere along the line, absent by the shiniest of distractions, we lost the man himself. We disregarded the fact that Musk, the absolute leader of all that is holy in tech circles, the high priest of hype, the real life Tony Stark, might not absolutely be infallible.

It’s Musk that continues adding his absorption amid an ever-grown stable of companies while real people could have benefited from his added focus. He’s begun counting wins in the accumulated — acknowledged SpaceX landings, Boring Co. contracts, and sales of the “Not a Flamethrower.” Musk sees a win as a win, behindhand of the aggregation amenable for it. A win for Boring Co., seemingly, is still a win for Tesla.

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