Cambridge Analytica may be gone, but its spirit will live on in the 2020 US presidential election. Former senior staff of the now broke business are reportedly alive with the Trump 2020 attack under the guise of a new company. But don’t tell anyone, because allegedly it was declared to be a secret.

News broke that Brad Parscale, the attack administrator for admiral Donald Trump’s accessible reelection bid in 2020, was alive with the aggregation beforehand this afternoon after several sources reportedly aerial conversations advertence as much.

The new aggregation is called Data Propria. At least four former Cambridge Analytica advisers are affiliated with it. Matt Oczkowski heads the new company, he’s Cambridge Analytica’s former head of artefact – its chief data scientist, David Wilkonson, is also among those declared to be associated with Data Propria.

After the Cambridge Analytica data aspersion — which complex the declared agenda gerrymandering of the 2016 presidential acclamation through the corruption of data acquired after regard to ethical considerations – it’d make sense for admiral Trump’s team to ambit itself from the company’s former employees.

But, for Parscale, doing so would prove difficult. He’s a part-owner of Cloud Commerce, the parent aggregation that owns Data Propria.

If you’re cerebration this isn’t on the up-and-up, we’d like to remind you that Cambridge Analytica it did annihilation wrong. Congress disagrees, but for some reason only seems to hold Facebook answerable for the whole mess.

Furthermore, Parscale and Oczkowski both adamantly deny Data Propria’s captivation in the 2020 campaign.

Parscale, a man who was at least partially amenable for the most technologically avant-garde attack in US history, claims he’s not cerebration ahead that far. Though, curiously, Cambridge Analytica started accession data for the 2016 Trump attack as early as 2014. And, for his part, Oczkowski denies captivation on the 2020 campaign, according to AP News, but says the aggregation is complex in the 2018 midterm elections.

However, sources claim to have aerial abundant conversations amid people abreast with the bearings advertence otherwise. According to the report:

In one such conversation, which took place in a public place and was overheard by two AP reporters, Oczkowski said he and Trump’s 2020 attack manager, Brad Parscale, were “doing the president’s work for 2020.”

It’s adverse that Trump’s attack administrator has such strong banking ties to Cloud Commerce, but we’ll give him the account of the doubt. After all, Parscale is a man who believes in second chances. The admiral of Cloud Commerce, Andrew Van Noy, for example, was auspiciously sued for fraud a year before he was placed in charge of the company. And Cambridge Analytica, admitting claiming it did annihilation wrong, was forced to claim defalcation and shut down operations in light of the atrocious nature of its captivation in the 2016 campaign.

It would appear, allegedly, that Trump’s 2020 attack is off to a aces start: he’s surrounding himself with the same kind of people as before – sans one Stephen Bannon, who’s busy alive on his next plan for world domination.

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