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ved from the abominable race riots in the 1960s.

I could go on about this video for days. Instead, though, I want to talk about a altered chef-d’oeuvre, a masterpiece in its own right by a agenda artist on Instagram known as Pinot.

An animator and illustrator, Pinot (aka Wachyu Ichwandardi) currently resides in New York, acclamation originally from Indonesia. His work hit a viral note last week as his pixelated adjustment of Childish Gambino‘s über accepted video accumulated nearly three actor views. In it, Pinot uses an old Macintosh SE computer active MacPaint. After agilely cartoon every frame, he uploaded the images into addition age-old piece of software, MacroMind, to breathing it.

The accomplished artefact mirrors the alpha of the video to a tee. Check it out below.

The consistent work is annihilation short of astonishing. Over what had to be dozens of hours, Pinot currently has 375 frames, and it appears he’s still working. It’s cryptic whether he plans to finish the entire video… but… fingers crossed.

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