SpaceX is set to send a clandestine commuter on a spaceflight around the moon soon, as it’s now signed up its first chump for the trip.

The adventure will see SpaceX put its new reusable BFR rocket through its paces. Its design was first presented nearly a year ago, and the abstraction boasted a single system that included a booster and a ship that could travel to the moon and Mars. It’s slated to eventually alter SpaceX’s other rockets, the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Dragon, being more affordable to build owing to its chip design.


We don’t know absolutely when this clandestine trip will take place; Engadget noted that it was originally appointed for ancient this year, but it’s likely going to be delayed so as to allow SpaceX to use the new BFR instead of its absolute Falcon Heavy rocket with a Dragon capsule.

SpaceX will reveal the character of its clandestine commuter in a livestream on Monday, September 17 at 9 PM ET / 6PM PT / 3AM CEST (September 18) / 6:30AM IST (September 18). You can watch it below, or hover over the YouTube video embed to set a admonition for the stream.

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