We might assuredly get what’ve been asking for from Twitter: a archival timeline. The aggregation tweeted saying it’s testing a button to affectation tweets by post time, instead of assuming an algorithmically picked feed.

According to Jack Dorsey, the company’s CEO, this affection is currently accessible to only a small number of iOS users and all Cheep employees.

The button will appear on the top right corner of one’s feed. Upon beat it, one will see options for ‘switch to latest tweets’ and agreeable ‘preferences’

However, fans of the curated feed (if there are any) shouldn’t worry, as the button allows you to switch back quickly.

Twitter alien the algebraic timeline back in 2016 in and faced a lot of backlash. Since then, people have been ambitious the return of the archival timeline. Thankfully, Cheep accepted it was alive on a band-aid for this a few months ago.

Twitter has assuredly worked out a way to give people an option to switch amid two feeds and It seems like people are pretty happy about this:

The change also brings a amphibian ‘compose tweet’ button to iOS on the bottom right corner to board the timeline switcher button.


This timeline switcher is auspicious to see from Twitter, as it gives users a way to try out both algebraic and archival timelines, and pick what’s best for them.

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