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Don’t fall for the Black Friday-themed Bitcoin betrayal scams

It appears hackers were able to seize ascendancy of the email abode of cryptocurrency barter desk Uphold – and blast its users with a link to a Bitcoin BTC betrayal scam.

Scammers sent links to a phishing campaign, advised to dupe naive investors out of their coins. To fool users, the attackers bearded the fake betrayal as a appropriate Black Friday deal.

The awful email was sent out on November 21 at around 19:50 UTC. Four hours later, Uphold sent out addition email to alert users of the phishing attack and warn them adjoin accommodating in the sham “giveaway.”

THIS IS A PHISHING ATTEMPT,” the aggregation wrote in all caps. “Do not send funds to the abode given. Do not click on the link.”

It charcoal cryptic how widely the email broadcast or how many people fell for it. At the time of autograph though, the abode associated with the awful attack has accustomed only two payments, for a total off a little over $2,200 worth of Bitcoin.

We are investigating the incident,” the barter desk wrote. “The Uphold belvedere and member funds remain absolutely secure and unaffected.”

The aggregation has since tweeted the email “was not sent” by its team, but it did come from an official Uphold address, according to emails advised by Hard Fork.

Cheap Bitcoin for Black Friday

The awful email promised users a 15-percent return on any sums amid 0.1 and 50 BTC (or almost amid $450 and $222,000).

“The abruptness is out! For the accessible days until Black Friday, we are ablution our Bitcoin Bucket Discount!,” the email read. “Get 15 [percent] back on your Bitcoin backing with Uphold.”

“Mike sends 1 BTC to the Bucket Wallet and receives 1.15 BTC back on Black Friday,” the awful attack continued. “Thank you for acknowledging Uphold since day one!”

Hard Fork has since acquired a copy of the phishing email:

Giveaway scams

While betrayal scams are not aberrant in the blockchain space, hackers primarily targeted victims on Cheep so far. Now it seems the betrayal scheme has connected to email campaigns.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time hackers have used email to target victims. Earlier this year, attackers lifted over $1 actor after sending out a awful email attack to hundreds of BeeToken investors.

In any case, it seems Uphold messed up big time on this one. We have contacted the aggregation for added details, and will update our piece appropriately if we hear back.

And for those of you that didn’t get the memo: If addition is alms you Black Friday discounts on cryptocurrency purchases, it’s apparently a scam.

Published November 22, 2018 — 13:41 UTC

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