Ibis, A accepted European hotel chain, just alien the world to the “social media sitter.” It’s the answer to a botheration few knew existed, and even fewer though we needed able help with.

“Enjoy your trip after agenda stress. Our Social Media Sitter takes care of your Instagram profile. And you can analyze the city in peace,” a Google-translated adaptation of Ibis’ website reads. Because, if you go on vacation after cutting your Instagram followers with affectionate glimpses into your claimed life, did you ever really go on vacation?

Details are slim, but so far we know that Ibis Hotels plans to allow any guest at its Geneva or Zurich locations, to book weekend accessories with local influencers, or social media sitters. The sitter would be amenable for social media upkeep, abrogation you to pound mojitos and throw up in the elevator like the alluring adulterated you were born to be.

According to a translated statement, the hotel has brought on some real social media star power to help with the promotion. Insta aficionados like Sara Leutenegger, a adversary on Germany’s Next Top Model.

The account starts at £70 (about $79 USD), and guests will be amenable for handing over their Instagram passwords to their sitter. All posts made by the sitter are marked #postedbysocialmediasitter on Instagram.

“We carefully follow civic trends and adapt to offer our barter avant-garde services. This action is also part of our charge to accouterment a memorable experience,” Philippe Alanou, senior Vice President of Accor Hotels (Ibis‘ parent company) told .

Alanou might be on to something. Recent analysis suggests that millennials are killing off larger chains, as they are no longer absorbed in discounts or freebies, but how “Instagrammable” the acquaintance is.

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