Casey Neistat wrote an commodity back in 2014 how he ‘fixed’ his Facebook by unfriending people who shared too much. I tried this in 2017… and it actually didn’t work!

People still share way too much and every time I go on Facebook it feels like like a whole plague of negativity that’s trying to give me cancer. Just no. It’s not cool. Facebook really isn’t the ‘cool’ belvedere it was back in 2008.

The thing is, I can’t just go and delete it. Having lived abroad, there’s a whole lot of access with people and photos I uploaded over the years, that I don’t wanna lose. But thankfully there’s a way to do both:

  • Log into Facebook. Don’t look at any of the annihilative agreeable on your feed and go anon into settings
  • Click on “Your Facebook Information”
  • Click on “download your information”
  • Now you’ve got a whole lot of options apropos what you want to download

I deselected aggregate and only chose “Photos and Videos” and “Friends.” Why? Well I candidly don’t care what I posted. It’s apparently all awkward shit anyway. I’d rather not be relive it. Oh and the format — as a programmer, I chose JSON.

I then click on Create File. This basically generates a aeroembolism .zip file with all the data you requested. It takes about an hour till its ready for you to download.

Eventually it’s ready to download.

And now it’s downloading.

After downloading it successfully, I backed it up onto my alien hard drive.

Extracting it, it gives me a lot of files. These are all my photos.

Now, to keep these files secure (it’s already on my hard disk, but I need a little bit extra), I backed them up onto my Google Photos account. About 1,900 images.

As for my friend list.. well.. It’s all in JSON format.. So now you can about use the power of your brain to think how your friend looked.
If you can’t, well then you apparently weren’t accompany anyway. Sorry.

I’ll still figure out what I’m gonna do with the accompany list. But hey, at least I have names, which is about my better weakness. I’m abhorrent with names.

What’s left now, is to delete your account.

  • Click Settings
  • Click Your Facebook Information in the left column
  • Click Delete Your Annual and Information, then click Delete My Account
  • Enter your password, click Continue and then click Delete Account

And now live appropriately ever after.

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