Donald Trump Jr. afresh likened his father’s proposed border wall with Mexico to that of a zoo fence meant to accommodate animals.

“You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo?” the now-deleted Instagram post asks. “Because walls work.

At face value, the animadversion is insensitive. But given the administration’s history — calling Mexicans abyss and rapists, locking Guatemalan and Honduran accouchement in cages, proclaiming there were “good people on both sides” at a neo-Nazi rally in Charlotte, and proposing a Muslim travel ban — it’s easy to see why some see this as yet addition in a series of dog whistles to the lowest common denominator of Trump’s base.

A agent for Trump Jr. said that the post was meant to highlight the danger associated with an apart border.


As the government abeyance enters its third week, it’s clear that wall-related bold has accomplished a fever pitch. Trump Sr., for his part, claims he will not sign a budget angle after more than five billion in allotment for a border wall he promised while advancement — the same wall he assured us Mexico would pay for, before walking that back and saying he “obviously” didn’t mean it.

For Trump Jr. — who, let’s be honest, uses Instagram like a 16-year-old meme beneficiary — this isn’t his first xenophobic controversy. You may bethink his Skittles meme, from Twitter, where he likened Syrian refugees to a bowl of berserk candy.

If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.

Unsurprisingly, the allegory whiffed. It’s not just that it was xenophobic, but scientifically flawed, as acicular out by announcer Phillip Bump.

According to the US National Safety Council, Americans have a 1 in 3,408 chance of asthmatic to death on said Skittles (or any food, really), compared to a 1 in 3.6 billion chance of being killed by a refugee in a terror attack. Bump had some fun with these numbers and found that the science of scale didn’t work in Trump Jr.’s favor. All told, it’d take one-and-a-half Olympic pond pools of Skittles to get three berserk candies — meaning, you’d have one fatal Skittle in every 68.7 actor handfuls. Bold you could eat one scattering a minute, on average, it could take 130 years to find the berserk candy. That’s bold you live long enough to find it. You’d be arresting about 330,000 calories a day.

Jr.’s hubris didn’t waver. “This image says it all,” he said, apropos to the Skittles post. “Let’s end the politically actual agenda that doesn’t put America first.”

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