An open database in China has been found to accommodate the claimed advice of over 1.8 actor women.

It was apparent over the weekend by Victor Gevers, a Dutch internet expert from the non-profit group GDI.Foundation. In Gevers’ Cheep thread, he tweeted screenshots of the database including women’s advice including their phone numbers, age, sex, addresses, and their “BreedReady” status.

Gevers’ Cheep thread also includes a screenshot of the database assuming the youngest girl with “BreedReady” status is just 15 years old. Although it’s not yet been accepted what the “BreedReady” status absolutely means, many assemblage in the thread noted the “BreedReady” status is a Chinese adaptation of a girl or woman who is of changeable age — which is still a creepy way to assort a human.

The database, which was taken down late on Monday afternoon local time, includes women at the boilerplate age of 32. According to The Guardian, almost 90 percent of included entries were declared “single” and 82 percent were listed as living in Beijing.

Alongside women‘s claimed information, the database also included fields labeled “political” and “hasvideo” with links to Facebook pages — which is blocked in China.

The real purpose of the database hasn’t been accepted but Gevers’ thread has been labelled the “prologue to the Handmaid’s Tale” —  a book and TV show where women were forced to have children.

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