Ted Talk organizers today hosted a chat with Cheep CEO Jack Dorsey. The chat went mostly as planned. It centered on opportunities and challenges faced by the platform, and what it was doing to abode them. But in one bit of poor planning, addition absitively it’d be a good idea to affection a hashtag, #AskJackAtTED, on a projector screen behind Dorsey during the talk.

Put a reviled public figure before a giant screen and let the Internet tell him what they think of him? What could  go wrong. It didn’t take long for Cheep trolls to sink their teeth in, reportedly banishment TED’s social media crew to pull the plug on what ended up being a really bad idea.

TED hasn’t appear a link to the talk yet, but we’ve got a few examples to report thanks to images shared on, well, Twitter. They ranged from the obvious…

to questions about Dorsey’s appearance…

and the one catechism we all wanted to ask:

For good measure, a TED agent even advised in to make this comparison, which we fully agree with:

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