Microsoft bygone took to Cheep and Instagram to tease social media citizenry with a cryptic Windows 1.0 video. After you check your agenda to make sure it’s still 2019, check out the posts below:

As you can see, the 13-second clip appears to be a teaser for Windows 1.0 – and that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The countdown adaptation of Windows was appear in November of 1985. And nearly 34 years later we’ve survived the horror that was Windows ME and Windows Vista to assuredly arrive at Windows 10.

It seems absurd Microsoft is going to re-release Windows 1.0 in any accommodation other than as a business scheme to advertise the next adaptation of Windows. After all, this is the aggregation that named its Xbox animate the ‘Xbox One,’ so there’s precedent.

Another theory behind the aberrant video: it’s a cool thing to tweet or ‘gram with no real purpose, conceivably somewhat accompanying to the next Windows 10 update. Why not? Microsoft is more anxious about hearts and minds than bottom lines these days – stuff that drums up homesickness usually leaves folks with a absolute impression. Who can forget the first time they used Windows?

However, if you’re accommodating to go out on a limb, there’s an account that makes absolute sense – but it might just be ambitious thinking. Microsoft and Netflix could be in amalgamation to advance the third season of Stranger Things. Stick with us here.

Stranger Things’ third season launches on July 4, and it takes place in 1985. The timing lines up pretty well in both instances, and Microsoft would make a absolute accomplice for the show. Here’s why: in the first two seasons Dungeons & Dragons was a pretty big plot-piece and audiences showed they enjoyed that quite a bit. In fact, when TNW interviewed a abecedary making six-figures teaching D&D classes online, she told us the reason her classes were so busy was at least partially due to “the Stranger Things effect.”

In this light, Microsoft makes a pretty smart tie-in accomplice for Netflix because, affairs are, anyone who played D&D in the early 1980s ended up absorbing over claimed computers by the end of the decade. And, sure, even if Microsoft and Stranger Things are alive calm it could just be a tie-in, like when a main appearance eats Doritos on screen.

But wouldn’t it be much cooler if the cast associates without Upside Down-world superpowers were able to use a computer to advantage their nerdiness to aid … well, we won’t spoil annihilation for those who haven’t seen the first two seasons.