Reddit’s r/technology subreddit has gone dark on US’ Ability Day as part of a social media strike.

“Following on from the advertisement by Larry Sanger of a Social Media Strike, /r/technology is abutting the #SocialMediaStrike. Normal account will resume on the 5th,” reads the message.

The strike, conceived by Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, calls for agenda ability from social media platforms. That means throwing off the shackles that chain you to social networks and compel you to share stuff there, except to post notices about the strike itself.

“We’re going to flex our aggregate anatomy and demand that giant, artful corporations give us back ascendancy over our data, privacy, and user experience,” wrote Sanger in his blog.

The social media avoid demands that there be better alone controls over user data, and bigger aloofness rights adjoin criminal, corporate, and authoritative monitoring. It also urges social media casework to become more interoperable, and acutely criticizes the accepted practices accepted by accepted platforms that have prioritized profit over all else.

In the Acknowledgment of Agenda Independence, Sanger voiced a number of apropos that have bedeviled the big tech companies, putting them in regulators’ and assembly sights frequently this year.

From taking down agreeable based on political considerations to using their reach to access elections, from adopting algorithms that make it easy to apparent arguable agreeable to making it difficult for users to accept how their data is collected, candy and shared, Sanger decried the companies’ arrant access to dispense users for profit.

“The most reliable acceding of our privacy, security, and free speech is not in the form of any enterprise, organization, or government, but instead in the free acceding among free individuals to use common standards and protocols,” Sanger wrote in the declaration.

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