Since my last post, the US patent office issued over 31,961 patents and appear over 24,383 patent applications. Each patent asset adds a little article new to the human ability base. As I cannot list all these patent assets here, the PatentYogi team has called the five most absorbing patent assets. Enjoy!

Microsoft will transform how you engage with your basic abettor (20190187787)

There are a number of basic administration that you use through your devices: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana are the most arresting examples. You need to talk to them in a fixed syntax to engage with them, which feels aberrant and odd. But, Microsoft is set to board the way in which we collaborate with these basic assistants.

According to a afresh appear patent application, Microsoft has developed a system that will allow non-verbal alternation with basic assistants. Imagine that you’re alive on your PC, and you wish to listen to some music or open up your browser. As shown in the figure above, you will only need to look at the Cortana icon on your screen, after saying “Hey Cortana.”

The system will use gaze apprehension to actuate that you want to engage Cortana. Cortana will wake-up and greet you with phrases like “How may I help you?” You can then advance with your adapted task.


The system will also accede contextual advice from your device. For example, if you are watching a video and you aback say “What was that?” apropos to article on your screen. Then, the system will assay your speech through Accustomed Language Processing (NLP), and given the ambience of the agreeable arena on your screen, assay your query to give you accordant results.

The system will also be able to know if you are acclamation your basic assistant, or are talking to addition else.This technology will make our conversations with basic administration seamless and natural. I can’t wait for Microsoft to roll out this affection in a Windows update.

Facebook to action as a agent (20190190874)


Facebook is advised to affix people and help build relationships. You affix with people online via Facebook but you may shy away from affair people physically. The main reason behind this is the fear of accepting alone in initiating a social activity.

Moreover, a ample amount of effort is complex in award people, then planning and analogous a meeting. A afresh appear patent appliance from Facebook indicates that Facebook will help in award a absolute match for you to hang out with in real life.

Facebook will assay your contour to find other users who would be absorbed in blind out with you based on your common interests. Facebook will then send letters to the articular users to check if they are absorbed in abutting with you for a accurate activity, such as going for dinner (as shown in the figure above), going for a date, going for a movie, and so on. Then, Facebook will assay the responses from the users and advance you meet at least one of them at a acceptable area at a specific time. You can also deny the advocacy if you are not interested.

This should be pretty cool as Facebook has one of the better people databases in the world. It could be fun to meet new people appropriate by this feature.

You can enjoy travel on flights alongside your pet (20190202564)

If you are a pet owner, then it must be pretty hard for you to agenda and plan travel. Often you have to leave your pets with friends, family or at pet boarding centers. However, abrogation your pet for a long continuance may be emotionally backbreaking for both you and your pet. Therefore, some people, who do not fare well to the long break from their pets, carry their pets along in pet carriers during travel.

On flights, the pet carriers are transported as accompanied arrested baggage, as the pets are often not accustomed in the cabin of the aircraft. This may be demanding for pets. But according to a recent patent publication, Boeing has developed a high-tech pet travel system to deeply and safely carriage pets.

The pet travel system includes bunks for pets within the cabin of the aircraft. The bunks are installed along with the aerial bins. The bunks are advised to board and deeply store distinctively advised pet carriers. So the cartage can carry their pets in these pet carriers and can place the pet carriers in the aerial bunks near their seats.



The pet carriers will be accessible in altered sizes to board altered types of pets. The pet carrier is a aerial absorptive box with a cellophane door to allow for eye acquaintance amid the pet and pet owner. Also, it is soundproof to muff the voice of the pet that may afflict the co-passengers. Further, a lighting and agriculture system is installed in the pet carrier to consistently feed the pet. The pet carrier is able with a camera, microphone, and a wireless advice system. So, the pet owner can access the live footage of their pet on their mobile device, as shown in the figure above.

The system allows you to keep an eye on your pets and be assured of their safety and abundance during the entire continuance of travel. Bon voyage!

Uber will help make accompany during rides (20190190881)

When you use carpool services, like Uber Pool, you appointment complete strangers during rides. These rides may be afflictive because of the awkward blackout amid you and the co-passengers. Starting a chat is also backbreaking because you are not accustomed with them. This is the very botheration that Uber is acclamation now.

As per a afresh appear patent application, Uber has developed a carriage adjustment account that is chip with passengers’ social adjustment profiles, like Instagram and Facebook. Uber will match your contour with your co-passengers’ to find common points of interests, including shared hobbies, common friends, common professions, and common companies.


Further, the common interests will be shared with you and your co-passengers to give you a chat starter, as shown in the figure above. With the carriage adjustment service, the pool rides will be more enjoyable, and you could potentially make accompany during every ride.

Experience basic worlds like never before with Disney’s immersive tech (20190192965)

Nowadays you can acquaintance the basic world using basic absoluteness (VR) and aggrandized absoluteness (AR) technology. Head-mounted affectation accessories (HMDs) are accessible in the market that can help you dive into the basic world and collaborate with the basic world to some extent. Although, these technologies paint quite a acceptable account of presenting basic word.

However, they may not fully engage you as you will be able to see and hear the altar or people in the basic world but you cannot feel, sense or smell them.

According to a recent patent publication, Disney has developed a gadget called air-flow architect that helps to simulate the effect of affecting and/or smelling a basic object created using AR and VR. The gadget enhances the basic world acquaintance by adding extra ambit of smell and haptics to the basic object.


For example, the air-flow architect blows out a gush of air based on the movement of a basic object such as a sword-swinging, or an animal moving past you. It can also absolution a ambrosial liquid to the air to simulate accurate smells such the smell of soil, or the scent of a flower.

The HMD, along with the air-flow generator, will simulate the basic world in a very astute manner. Hopefully Disney won’t keep us cat-and-mouse too long for this.

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