If you’ve opened Cheep today, you’ll likely have been inundated with a single theme: feral hogs.

Yep, when I stirred, and addled open my phone this morning, my feed was filled with memes about garden-roaming, kid-attacking wild swine. I was absolutely confuddled.

After a bit of digging, I found the tweet that started it all:

Now, anyone who spends any sort of time online knows memes aren’t contemporary by themselves. Yes, they’re an basic and longstanding part of internet culture, but are about fast moving and light by nature.

But the feral hog meme is different. It stood out in a way that’s adumbrative of a very way of ambidextrous with tragedy.

Of course, things on the internet spread quickly, but the feral hog appeared faster than most. When I went to sleep, it was nowhere. When I woke up, it was unavoidable. This graph from Jason Baumgartner highlights its sheer scale:

But the real meat of the meme is its context. You don’t need reminding about the two abominable mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton over the weekend.

The origin of the meme (the above tweet) is a antic acknowledgment to a post condemning the buying of “assault weapons.”

Whenever a mass cutting occurs, the issue of gun regulation rears its head, yet annihilation ever changes. Hell, I don’t even live in the US and I find the discussion demoralizing and exhausting. No other country in the developed world has the same lack of gun adjustment and the same sort of murders. I mean, as of October 2018, 61 percent of Americans wanted stricter gun control.

But aggregate stays the same.

The feral hog meme isn’t just about making fun of addition who believes they need a apparatus gun to assure their accouchement from a swarm of swine — although that is absolutely part of the joy. No, it’s article more than that. It’s a way of taking ascendancy of the uncontrollable.

There’s a disability in watching the same awful, preventable thing happen time and time again, and no one in power appropriation a finger. It’s a dreadful, crushing feeling, but humour gives people an escape, a way of award some affiliation and altruism in a aberrant situation.

The feral hog meme is a mass in-joke, a antique of order, a austere point swaddled in mirth. In other words, it’s seriously 

It’s the way we make sense of tragedy today. It encapsulates the best side of the internet.

In my mind, there’s only one way to achieve this. So, please, sit back, and enjoy some of my favorite feral hog memes:

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