Perhaps no other aggregation has profited more from the Trump administration’s analysis of undocumented immigrants — and US citizens of agnate actualization — than Peter Thiel‘s Palantir.

A recent investigation, conducted by Mijente, appear the US government has at least 29 active affairs with the aggregation worth about $1.5 billion. This covers Palantir’s work with all four branches of the military, Border Patrol, ICE, and Homeland Security, but it doesn’t even touch on the hundreds of affairs it has with local law administration throughout the country. All in all the company’s valued at over $20 billion.

Peter Thiel, the tech billionaire amenable for PayPal, accepted Facebook board member, and the co-founder of Palantir, is a vocal Conservative and arresting Trump supporter. He was the President’s seventh better attack donor in 2016 and charcoal a allegiant ally. But it wasn’t President Trump who brought Palantir into the country’s fold, that distinguishment belongs to President Barrack Obama.


Trump‘s simply animated the aggregation to the kind of status that’s commonly been aloof for big players such as Raytheon and Boeing. The result’s been a match made in Conservative heaven. Using AI advised for the military, Palantir’s managed to take wartime technology and apparatus it at scale across the entire US police automated complex, causing a complete shift in how law administration treats aborigine privacy. This abstraction was declared altogether by Pacific Standard’s Jacqui Shine in a 2017 article:

Commentators who refer to a “police-industrial complex” are usually anecdotic the militarization of police agencies: the steady adoption, which escalated after September 11, 2001, of aggressive technologies and strategies for calm law administration purposes.

But in market terms, there is also a audible police-industrial complex, in which public-private relationships amid law administration agencies and a wide array of for-profit corporations have come to shape our society’s very conceptions of policing and our priorities for justice.

Today, Donald Trump’s party-line bellicism is what directs the US surveillance state. But surveillance isn’t a Republican or Democrat technology: it’s an anti-freedom one. It’s a Pandora’s Box that will remain long after the accepted authoritative party is gone, and we have big tech to thank.

According to the Mijente report:

We could not 20 years ago have envisioned a world in which clearing agents could scour civic databases to build adult profiles of us and define our locations for arrest, or in which border patrol agents could man all-knowing surveillance towers to fully adviser the borderland with Mexico, anon spotting anyone walking in the desert.

If we are not careful, we will not know what we will be angry in 20 years. We must understand, document, and oppose these alarming partnerships today.

Trump and Thiel have created a profit-machine based on camouflage mass-surveillance as “data analytics.” These tools can’t adumbrate crime or terrorism, as they’re declared to by Palantir. And they absolutely can’t use algorithms to magically adumbrate where an undocumented immigrant is likely to be — they’re not mere authoritative tools advised to help manage investigations for afflicted agents, they’re illegal, actionable surveillance portals.

In order to accept just how much advice Palantir has on you, here’s a list of just some of the public and clandestine databases that Palantir has access to per a report:

On top of this, Palantir has access to classified aggressive data, facial acceptance cameras across the country and at the borders, and the complete trust and cooperation of the Federal government and hundreds of local law administration agencies. It’s a surveillance apparatus able of tracking anyone and everyone.

And the company’s now deeply anchored within the US government. Its affairs will outlive Trump‘s admiral even if he serves a second term. Those who currently sit silently – or cheer – as the government uses mass surveillance and dragnet policing to round up and bastille undocumented immigrants should accede how easy it’ll be to turn this technology on citizens.

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