Elon Musk – aka Lex Luthor in spirit — is on social media yapping about nuking Mars again. He’s not trolling; he’s not acting as a provocateur; he really wants to assail the apparent of our all-embracing acquaintance with actual nuclear weapons.

Here’s why: he thinks it’ll kick-start the planet and make it accouter by absolution trapped carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. He’s been blame this theory since at least 2015 when he told Stephen Colbert that Mars was a “fixer-upper” and that we could fix it by nuking it. According to scientists, he’s mostly wrong.

NASA analysis indicates that bottomward nuclear weapons on Mars will absolution some carbon dioxide, but not enough to make it even close to Earth-like. A 2018 study indicates that there simply isn’t enough carbon dioxide on the planet to make that big a difference. Currently, Mars‘ has an atmospheric carbon dioxide agreeable of about .6 percent of the Earth‘s. If we let Elon Musk fire off nukes at it, scientists accept that’ll raise it to a mere 7 percent of the Earth‘s.

But that’s not endlessly the arguable billionaire architect from riling up his 28 actor Cheep fans with tweets talking about nuking the red planet and affairs T-shirts:

It’s cryptic where Musk’s accepting his advice from – he could be apperception or riffing off of accompanying analysis – but we’ve been able to find annihilation peer-reviewed to announce that terraforming Mars is accessible in any way using accepted technology.

The idea that humans will abide the red planet beyond outposts and expeditions anytime in the near future is laughable. But it’s accessible Musk is a fan of science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson who wrote about using nukes to terraform Mars in his leash about the planet. Robinson no longer believes it’s possible though, so even if it’s based in fiction Musk‘s still out on a limb here.